Join the club and earn Peace Society Points for different actions, and turn those Peace Society Points into awesome rewards!

Simply click the Peace Society tab on the bottom left of the site. Sign up or log in with your customer account and start earning! 

How Can I Earn Points? 

Every time you make a purchase we will reward you with a point for every £1 spent! 

Let us know your birthday and we'll send you 100 points! 

Refer a friend and we'll send you both 50 points!

How Do I Spend My Points? 

Simply log into your account and head to the Peace Society app in the bottom left corner of your screen. 

You can then choose how many points you want to use on your next purchase with the slide scale. 

We will then create a unique discount code for you that can be re-deemed at the checkout. 

How Do I Use My Points?

Click here to view are help article.