Athletic Bilbao Vs Real Sociedad


Have you ever heard about the PEACEFUL DERBY?


The Basque Derby is truly unlike any other. It’s where rivalry on the pitch turns into camaraderie in the stands. Both Athletic Club and Real Sociedad fans celebrating their shared Basque pride, side by side. But local bragging rights still remain the prize of the day.


Founded in 1898, Athletic Bilbao is a unique case in the world of football because of its philosophy. Only Basque-born and bred players are allowed to play for Athletic. You can imagine how difficult it must to be to survive as a professional club nowadays. It isn’t unreal, it is surreal!


The city’s roots are buried beneath the sands of the endless beaches, and as the day ends and tide rises. Founded in 1909, Real Sociedad de Fútbol is one of the most classic and legendary teams in Europe. One look at their crest and respect for tradition and history will confirm it.


On the way, perhaps something of a mystical feeling might come over you. The outline of the stadium cuts into a horizon where, on a match day, you can see the facade lights with the red, white, and green colours of the ikurriñas — the Basque flag.


Poza Street where all the bars are bustling throughout the entire match day. I needed to see what inspired so many generations to fall in love with this club over and over again.


The latest instalment in this 115-year rivalry took place this past weekend, and our man @groundhopperbarcelona was there to see this special derby between Athletic Club and Real Sociedad whilst capturing the unique atmosphere of fans mixing together in the streets before and after.


An one-of-a-kind derby. It’s the PEACEFUL DERBY.